Air Cushions For Wheelchairs

Air Cushions from Jay, ROHO, Invacare, and more.

Wheelchair Cushion Air Comfort Inflate Seat Prevent Bedsores Breeze Flotation. … Wheelchair Comfort Cushion Air Inflate Seat Prevent Bedsores Pad Flotation Breeze. … ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR AIR FLATTED ROHO CUSHION 16″ x 18″ x 4″ No Cover and Pump.

Are you looking for a high quality air displacement cushion for wheelchair use? Lightweight, Pressure Relief, Positioning, Stability: the Vicair qualities.

Wheelchair cushions are specifically designed to help wheelchair users position themselves more comfortably when seated. Available in a variety of materials and nearly any shape and thickness, wheelchair cushions reduce the risk of pressure ulcers and skin breakdown while encouraging proper body

Air wheelchair cushions are cushions that are constructed to fit wheelchairs and aid in the prevention and protection for persons at high risk for developing pressure ulcers. Air wheelchair cushions redistribute body weight pressure and minimize shearing and friction force, preventing the occurrences of tissue distortion.

Wheelchair cushions make sitting for prolonged periods of time much more comfortable, in addition to protecting the skin from excessive or uneven pressure. There are a variety of basic types of cushions to pick from: foam, gel, foam/gel combination, ROHO (air-filled), and memory foam.

Blue Chip manufactures wheelchair and position cushions including gel wheelchair cushions, foam wheelchair cushions, alternating air and self adjusting air.

Our pressure relieving cushions, backs and seating systems provide posture support, comfort and pressure relief to a wide range of users, both adults and children. … A choice of gel and air-filled cushions for clients at high risk of sheer and skin breakdown, designed to provide a high level of support for those with postural

For long-term wheelchair users, cushions are essential for increasing comfort, reducing pain & preventing skin shear. Find the right cushion to meet your needs.

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