Custom Mobility Scooter

My Idea! One of a kind Custom Mobility Machines for the disabled! I have designed and built all kinds of machines in the past. I designed machines for Robot Wars and built over 30 electric vehicles and devices. Currently I design and build custom wheelchairs and scooters for the disabled in my spare time.

The Jellybean Mobility Scooter Collection (EW-85) is for that customer that wants to be noticed, be unique or simply stand out from everyone else. With 6 bright and colorful, hand-painted, iridescent colors to choose from, your goal can be achieved with style! Choose from — Lemon Zest, Seafoam, Grape, Bubble Gum, Island

If you’re searching for mobility scooter rims, look no further. Monster Scooter Parts carries chrome rims and wheel assemblies for top brand makes and models.

Customized Multipurpose Electric Scooter – Personalized Logo. Carry what you need with our Custom Mobility Scooter Super Wagon! Rechargeable, lasts up to 30 miles or 16 hours on one charge. A Mobility Scooter unlike any other!

Custom Cycle & Mobility Supply is your source for affordable mobility solutions including refurbished scooters, parts, wheelchair repair & wheelchair.

A scooter lift can make transporting your scooter easy, fast & effortless in your minivan, car, truck or SUV. A scooter lift easily installs into most types of vehicles for fast loading and stowage of an unoccupied scooter while traveling down the road. With more than 50 models of scooter lifts from more than 5 manufacturers, there is an application for almost every vehicle and scooter combination out there.

Now you have a scooter or a smaller wheelchair to assist with you mobility and getting around the house. These scooters tend to get very heavy to try and lift in and out of your vehicle. This is where a scooter lift comes in. With a scooter lift, you can easily transport you scooter safely down the road. Scooter lifts are available for many types of vehicles including, minivans, SUV’s, pickup truck, cars and full-size vans. With several different types to choose from, we help you determine which scooter lift is best for you.

Transport your wheelchair or scooter on the outside of your vehicle. They will typically install into the trailer hitch of your car, truck SUV, or minivan.

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