Mask For Nebulizer

Nebulizer Masks for any Brand and Model Nebulizer from Available in both Adult and Pediatric Sizes, with Fun Styles for the Kids!

Silicon Mask that can be attached to most nebulizer systems.

Get Replacement Pediatric Nebulizer Masks at Find Pediatric-Sized and Animal Inspired Masks that Fit Any Child and Nebulizer.

Nebulizer masks can be a more efficient way of the receiving aerosol medications. The nebulizer mask allows the patient to breathe the aerosol mist in through the nose and mouth to treat the passageways and the lungs directly. The nebulizer masks are typically made of vinyl and are priced to be affordable.

Healthwise, Incorporated A nebulizer uses a compressor to turn medication into a fine mist (aerosol). In this photograph, the young girl uses a face mask to breathe in the medication.

Pediatric Nebulizer masks in attractive shapes and designs to appeal to children with character themes. Elongated or Face Tent Nebulizer Masks for Adults.

SideStream Masks. Nebulizer mask. Specially designed patient masks for adult and pediatric patients are recommended for use with the SideStream high-efficiency nebulizers to enhance drug delivery. These reusable masks are contoured to fit the face.

Product Description. Features: – Compatible with most standard nebulizer kits. – Reusable mask, must only be hand washed. – Soft anatomical form. – Elongated shape for more comfortable fit. – Elastic strap and adjustable nose clip. – Available in sizes: Child, Adult. – Individually Packed, 100 Case.

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