Bedside Commode Liners

Essential for Anyone Who Uses a Bedside Commode. The Carebag commode liner from Cleanis is a leak-resistant medical grade bag equipped with a unique super absorbent pad which turns up to 16oz of body fluids into a gel in a matter of seconds! This single use item fits over most commode pails.

How to use Disposable Commode Liners. Place the commode liner in the commode. Make sure that the liner is folded over the edge of the bucket. As liquid hits the absorbent core, the polymer inside the core immediately begins converting the liquid into a solid. Simply toss the liner into the garbage after use.

Cleanis CareBag – Disposable Bedside Toilet/Commode Liner is a thin liner with an absorbent pad inside to solidify the waste for convenient disposal. Once filled, the pad can be disposed of in regular waste containers. Fits standard size buckets. These toilet liners make clean up much easier and hygienic.

Commode Liner with Absorbent Pad. Commode liners can be used with most commode buckets. Liners include an absorbent pad which solidifies the waste and makes clean up easy and hygienic. Great add-on to any … LINER, BEDSIDE TOILET, COMMDE, W/ABSORB, 1 BX. MDS89664LINER, 12 COMMODE LINERS

A pack of tie handle commode liners with absorbent sheet lining that turns into gel when exposed to liquid. Fits any commode bucket or potty to make disposing of waste easier.

Sani Bag Commode Liners do away with the very unpleasant task of cleaning a bedside commode pail. Contains an absorbent gel that eliminates odors. Each liner is good for 3 – 5 uses.

1) Open box and unroll the first liner by tearing along the perforated line. 2) Position the liner over the commode pail with the pad flat on the bottom. 3) After patient uses bedside commode, body fluids turn into a gel within seconds. 4) To close: Pull straps tightly and tie a knot. Dispose of the sealed bag in your household

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