Ace Compression Wrap

I recently used an Ace bandage with EZ clips to wrap a mysteriously injured ankle . I didn’t know what I had kicked, but my heavy grocery-laden rolling backpack was my best guess. My excellent doctor guessed it was a sprain. He prescribed ice, rest, elevation and compression. Enter the handy Ace bandage. I wrapped it

The ACE™ Reusable Hot & Cold Compress with Compression Wrap delivers soothing hot or cold therapy whether you’ve got a sprained ankle or have a stiff muscle. Simply microwave or freeze the gel pack, slip the gel pack into the sleeve, and the compress stays wear you need it.

ACE wraps and compression bandages are perfect for muscle sprains or to secure dressings/splints. Get elastic bandage wrap for all your compression needs.

Compression bandages are made with a stretchy elastic fabric and actively apply pressure to healing areas and can be a large part of care routines depending on patient needs. The general purpose of any bandage is to support and protect a body area, allowing it to heal more efficiently.

Some elastic bandages even use Velcro closures to secure and stabilize the wrap in place. Aside from use in sports medicine and by orthopedists, elastic bandages are popular in the treatment of lymphedema and other venous conditions. However, ACE compression wraps are inadequate for the treatment of lymphedema

Elastic bandages (also known as compression bandages) are often used for the compression part of RICE—rest, ice, compression and elevation—the gold standard of first aid treatment for bruises and sprains. Probably the most common brand name for an elastic bandage is an Ace wrap.

Reusable Cold and Hot Compression Wrap offers hot or cold therapy in a soft outer cover, and a conveniently attached elastic wrap that keeps the pack in place. Features and Benefits: Soft outer bandage pouch for added comfort; Insulated side to help retain heat or cold; Freeze for cold therapy and microwave for heat

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